Fast and Flexible Event Set Up

Setting up events for your family members should be simple. With 123Signup's Event Definition Wizard, you have a fully-automated online event management process.

  • Use various parameters to define events, such as event name, location or times
  • Create a web page promoting your event
  • Support different pricing per registrant type
  • Generate multiple sessions and use capacity control
  • Expand registration options to include spouse and guests
  • Gather event-specific information by setting up event questionnaires
  • Set fee by time band, registrant type, session and attendee type

Creating event pages automatically not only saves you time, but allows you to promote your event more quickly and efficiently.

Online Registration with Several Options

Event registration has never been simpler. With 123Signup's online event registration, your association can provide many options to your members without increasing maintenance costs. Our event registration system allows you to:

  • Create simple registration pages with your branding
  • Create multiple sessions while controlling the number who attend
  • Prevent attendees from registering for sessions in the same time slot
  • Give one person the ability to register multiple attendees with or without unique emails, such as a parent registering their children
  • Support payment of a deposit towards registration fees
  • Integrate with the online hotel reservation system, Passkey, to deliver a seamless registration experience

Make the event registration process easy while providing your members with the options they want. Your events will be better attended and your attendees will be more satisfied.

Additional Features for More Complex Events

Sometimes your events are more complicated, with more registrant options. 123Signup provides expansive options for your online event management, so that you can execute a great event without increasing organizing expenses.

  • Create waitlists for sold-out events
  • Utilize promotional codes for special discounts
  • Accept only qualified attendees by allowing registrants to apply for registration
  • Provide your attendees with access to a directory of other attendees
  • Receive feedback through post-event surveys
  • Create custom attributes to track events including credit units and instructors

Your online event management should help you flawlessly execute your event, not prevent you from fulfilling attendees' needs. 123Signup's premium options will ensure a superior event.