Flexible Family Features Save You Time!

Membership management is often not a one-size-fits-all situation. You need to have access to various options based on your membership needs. You have many options, including the ability to:

  • Enable subscription purchase during enrollment and renewal. You can charge fees for journals or enable access to special content on your website.
  • Create Special Interest Groups (SIGs) giving members the option to opt-in or out at any time
  • Create subgroups or committees to enable communications with subsets of your membership
  • Use 123Signup's membership authentication service to control access to member-only areas on your website
  • Synchronize member profiles maintained in 123Signup with your external member database

123Signup's advanced options give you the membership management solutions you need to support your membership organization without increasing your administrative budget.

Easy Online Enrollment and Renewals

Membership maintenance and renewal does not have to be a huge effort. 123Signup's membership management automates this process for you, giving you more time to connect with your members and create amazing events.

  • Enable easy enrollment and renewal with links on your website
  • Define discount codes to maximize your enrollment and renewal campaigns
  • Automate renewals and fee collection *
  • Receive installment payments for renewal fees
  • Support enrollment and renewals during event registrations

* Professional service fees apply

Automation of the enrollment and renewal process will increase your membership and your revenue.