Manage Memberships Exactly the Way You Want

Managing corporate and institutional members requires special handling as the membership is associated with a company, yet extends benefits to a group of associated individuals. Designed specifically to address corporate membership, 123Signup allows you to:

  • Track different attributes for the company and its employees
  • Set enrollment and renewal fees based on attributes such as annual revenue or
    number of employees
  • Define the number of individuals who can be associated with a company
  • Empower the primary contact of a company to add and delete members using our Group Administrative Console
  • Set a fixed number of company members who will be admitted to events free of charge

Flexible structure allows you to accommodate a larger number of companies and institutions while reducing your management costs using our Group Admin Console.

Maintain Multiple Membership Levels

Your association might have the need to create different membership levels or types. No problem. 123Signup empowers you to build a membership structure to suit your needs - and our support team will help you set it up. For each member type, you can:

  • Define initiation, enrollment and renewal fees
  • Offer different profiles for each member type
  • Allow people to join online or submit an application for approval
  • Automatically manage renewals with optional grace periods
  • Send targeted emails

123Signup has developed the service to give you all the control you need at a price you can afford.

Keeping Memberships Current and Administration Costs Down

Keeping up with enrollments and renewals can burn time and money. However, with 123Signup membership management, these functions are automated and inexpensive. The service enables you to:

  • Publish links on your website to make it easy for members to join and renew
  • Provide promotional codes to give discounts for enrollments and renewals
  • Allow prospects to submit online applications
  • Enable automatic renewals and fee collection *
  • Create electronic renewal campaigns
  • Establish and accept installment payments

* Professional service fees apply

With 123Signup's thorough, automating enrollment and renewal process, you'll increase efficiency and provide members even more convenience and thereby increase revenue.