Build Profiles for Chapter Meeting Attendees

Your association needs to capture various types of information about your attendees. 123Signup provides you the flexibility to maintain a basic set of contact information or more detailed information consistent with your parent organization.

  • Over 200 attendee attributes may be collected
  • Design profile pages using various functions including text boxes, drop-down menus and check boxes
  • Give your members opt-in or opt-out capabilities for bulk emails or tweets
  • Your member database is hosted in a secure data center with daily backups

Using the expanded chapter meeting attendee profile enhances your ability to target communications to your members, providing relevant information, and increasing your value.

Custom and Flexible Membership Types

Your parent organization may support multiple member types that you need to replicate within your chapter. 123Signup gives you the ability to define member types and set different event fees for different member types.

  • Our support team will configure the different member types to meet your needs
  • Optionally, you may allow people to join your chapter online
  • Easily communicate with one or more member types separately

Providing member types reflected by your parent organization supports your need to provide benefits consistent with the policies of your parent organization.

Sync Profiles Between Local and National Chapters

One of the challenges with associations is synchronizing membership information between the national and local chapters. 123Signup has a solution:

  • On initial setup, our support team will load the chapter member profile information as well as membership status into the 123Signup database
  • Periodically, you may provide revised lists to refresh the data in the 123Signup system
  • In between global updates, you may update member profiles using our Control Center, one profile at a time
  • 123Signup will develop a custom interface for online synchronization or authentication with the national chapter database

Synchronizing data between your parent organization and the 123Signup database eliminates stale data, and ensures that your chapters have access to the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.